Aris and Julie Wedding | San Antonio De Padua Church

They wanted their wedding to be personalized yet spontaneous and relaxed. They chose San Antonio De Padua Church because when they first walked into its front garden, it gave them the feeling of peace and nostalgia of coming home. They have always shared the same vision that getting married is the coming home of two souls to be with each other. The home theme also went perfectly well with their reception venue nearby, The Hills at Silang, which featured a compound of homey villas and a little cottage wherein they did their preparations. Both places were the firsts they ever visited after getting engaged. This just goes to show that when you found the one, you really found the one. Looking back they realized that they could have at least five different versions of their lives, but they individually chose the life wherein they will,in many ways, end up together. Love is not always fate, but it is also a conscious decision to love. On their wedding day, they wanted to surround themselves with people who inspired them and who showed them at one point in time the true meaning of love and being married. Many of their families, long time friends and principal sponsors have beautiful stories of their own on how it is to love and be loved unconditionally. They are either a patient husband, a responsible father, a cheerful wife, or a dedicated mother. To Aris and Julie, these are important examples that they wanted to imbibe into their marriage. They also thought that it is a unique and loving idea to include their grandmothers, his and hers, to be part of their entourage to give honor to them. To Aris and Julie, family has always been on top of their priority list. They chose the cool shades of mint, powder blue, and lavender. Some of the wedding details were either made or hand-written by the bride herself.