Jeric + Heizel | Orchard Golf and Country Club

LOVE IS INDEED SWEETER THE SECOND TIME AROUND, At first,we started as one to exist but for the second we already lived. We met through a common friend and from then on, almost everything happened in an instant. He asked for my number and our communication started from there. Just from the first day he texted, he immediately wanted to visit our house. The second day we saw each other, he did visit our house and even asked me out for dinner. __ months after, on May 10, 2007, I said yes. He was the perfect guy – sweet, romantic, and thoughtful. He still is. Unfortunately, the time was not right for us then. We broke up and had separate lives for some time. A year after, fate decided for us to see each other again. We made amends, had a fresh start, and became a better, more loving couple than we were before. Last December 8, 2013, we went to church and saw a movie afterwards – a normal weekend made extraordinary by what he had prepared for me. He made a video proposal, had it shown in the cinema, and asked for my hand in marriage. He is God’s answered prayer for me. There is nothing more I can wish for.